14 Ways to Prepare the Outside of Your Home to Sell

We all know the importance of good kerb appeal. It draws people in off the street and can make your home a bright start in your neighbourhood. But what about when you live in a flashy area, or are struggling to get traction during the sales process, even with what you think is kerb appeal maxed out to the limit?

  • 23 September, 2019
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Not everyone can find instant sucess with the standard moves for improving a home's kerb appeal, so here we have comiled some more unorthodox method that might get peole talking about, coming to see and laying bids on your home for sale. 

1. Water blast 

Without spending too much money, hiring a water blaster is a great way to clean concrete areas of the front of your home. Sealing and hosing is well and good, but if you've been living there for quite a while, grime can build up a great deal. 

 A water blaser will brighten a grimy driveway significantly more than regular hosing, by blasting away layers of grime. Just remember to check the saftey manual before you turn it on. Then have a go, and watch your driveway gleam. 

2. A paint refresh 

If you want a quick fix to gra attention, a brand new paint job won't go astray. But think outside the box with the colour you use, and maybe atrget only one area of the home. For exampe, the door, or wooden blinds, or event the post of frame for your letterbox, Something to grab the eye, but not enough to dominate the view of your home. 

Sometimes the wandering eye of a home buyer just needs a little push in the right direction, and adding a tiny touch of bright red can do just that. From there, the eye can wander to the rest of your beautifully laid out property facade and - who knows? - maybe even all the way to sale! 

3. Colour Creations to Attract More Buyers 

Tha garden is one place you have fun with colour but rather than introduce lost of different coloyrs into a small garden bed, try sticking to one shade, perhaps using the varying tones. You can dd instrant colour with pots of whatever is in flower from the nursery. 

4. Neat and Trim 

Just like inside your house, your garden should be neat, tidy and clear of clutter. 

Weed your garden and keep the lawn trimmed when opening you home for inspection. Consider your plants - remove dead plants and replace with new specimens, but make sure they suit the conditions in your garden: you don't want them to die before you sell. 

5. Styling your garden 

You can give your garden a simple makeover before you sell by adding defining borders to your flower beds and adding a focal point. Timber borders are popular, or you can outline your beds with small shurbs or grasses. Add a few larger plants as focal points but keep them in proportion to the size of you garden. 

6. Creating a Courtyard 

Many houses today, particularly in the inner city, don't have large gardens. Often there is only a small courtyard so it is important to maximise this space. The first step may be to create a focal point like a water feature, statue or urn. This should be placed at the furthest point from the entrance so your buyers vision is drawn a distance, giving a sense of space. 

You can also give an illusion of space by paving the netire area with large pavers (500x500mm) to make the ground look wider and less busy, Don't use any dark colours in your courtyard structures as these reduce the perception of space. 

7. Trim and Slim the Trees 

It's a streuous job, but those loose tree brances can be hazardous, especially with kids running around in the summer. Any low-hanging brances or parts that are blocking sunlight you want on your home should be cut back, but check with neighbours and local councils if they reach over a fence - you may need to get a permit! 

8. Mulch Mulch Mulch 

A great way to refresh plant beds and border your lawn with a bit of colour is to add some mulch. You can pick up many varieties at local garden storres and dispense it as you see fit! A nice shade to contrast with you green grass can make for a real eye-catcher for anyone who glimpses your lawn. 

9. Add Interest to Your Doorway 

If you have sufficient spaace, place a range of matching terracotta pots with plants against the wall near your entrance. For the average sized doorway use the pots with a rolled rim containing colourful flowers, like geraniums, wil give a traditional wleocme feeling. For more modern homes tall angular pots that taper downwards are very popular - add architectural plants like succulents for a dramatic effect. 

10. Keep it Balanced 

Try and keep everything symmetrical, If you are using pots and plants to add interest. put one either side of the entrance or you might like to hang two matching lanterns for a warm glow. The trick is to keep it simple and not clutter the space. This is an easy way to add character to your home without breaking the bank or distracting from other prominent features. 

11. Step Inside and See the Light 

Often Hallways are narrow and dark. If you house suffer from this problem, try painting the walls white to lighten things up, or add a sky light. By adding more natural light it can increase the sense of space and comfort throughout your home. A broad runner will make a hallway seem wider. 

12. Shabby Doors Need to be Spruced Up 

Your front door is the first thing your buyers see, s if it needs a lick of paint get out the brushed! You might also consider a new handle or knocker - this is an inexpensive way to update your door. 

13. Pave the Way to a Successful Sale.

Guide buyers to your door with a paved pathway. Plain white pavers look terrific against a green lawn. If the steps to your front door look at a little shabby a great trick is to the tile the step rises rather than ripping everything out and starting from scratch. 

14. Maintain Your Privacy 

In many areas, especially the inner city, secruity and privacy are selling points, so low to medium wall at the front of your house can appearl to buyers. Don't forget to check with your loca council to ensure all building regulations are met. 

Preparing the outisde of your home is just one aspect of getting ready to sell, Which is why the team of experts at LJ Hooker is here to help make sure your property is looking it's best on inspection day. 

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