5 top Autumn maintenance tips

With daylight savings at an end and winter almost upon us, now is a good time to prepare your property so it’s as snug as possible for you or your tenants over the winter months.

Remove autumn leaves from guttering
  • 24 March, 2016
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And, if you’re thinking of selling in the foreseeable future, actioning these tips now will save you work later on.

1. How effective are the curtains in your property?  Is it time to look at replacing them?  Good quality, thick curtains can make a real difference to keeping a house warm.

2. When were the spoutings and drains last checked and cleared?   Blocked spoutings can do more damage than many people realise. You want that excess water gone – not overflowing down walls or under your house.

3. Sealing drafty doors and windows is a relatively inexpensive way to stop drafts and keep the heat in.

4. Is your property insulated?  Not just the ceiling – under-floor insulation stops drafts and rising damp.

5. When did you last have the chimney cleaned? It’s not expensive and it makes a big difference to how much heat the fire throws out.

A warm home is a happy home for homeowners and tenants alike.   

LJ Hooker NZ

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