Are you moving into a new rental next year?

Will you be moving into a new rental property in 2018? LJ Hooker has prepared a guide for tenants wanting to make a smooth move.

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  • 19 December, 2017
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Getting paperwork in order

After looking at countless rental properties, securing the tenancy for the house, apartment or townhouse you wanted and moving all your stuff in, you probably just feel like kicking back on the couch and turning your brain off for as long as possible. The hard part’s over, after all - now it’s just a matter of settling in.

If only it were that easy! In fact, the first week or so of moving in to a new place is one of, if not the, most crucial period for a tenancy. By checking the following things off your list, you’ll be able to sleep easier for the remainder of your tenancy.

  1. Keep a copy of any documents you sign.
  2. Be sure that you’ve been given a copy of the initial property inspection report. This report is intended to help avoid disputes. The property manager and the tenant should fill this form out together, and tick the appropriate box if the condition is acceptable, or record any damage or defects  accurately and sign it. The initial property inspection report outlines the state of the property room-by-room, including any fittings and fixtures. If filled in incorrectly, or not at all, you could be liable for damages that were never your fault.

Get behind the camera

You may have already snapped up the rental property, but there’s more ‘snapping’ left to do. Along with having filled out the property condition report, you would do well to also take detailed photographs of the house or apartment, particularly the parts noted in the condition report. This way, you have some hard evidence of the condition of the property when you’ve moved in, and will help eliminate the possibility of he-said, she-said disputes.

Get connected

While it might be tempting to lie down and forget about the world for a while, this period of relaxation isn’t likely to last very long if your power, water and gas aren’t working. That’s why, just before moving, it’s important to call your utility providers and make sure everything is connected.  LJ Hooker Assist is a free service that helps arrange the connection of your utilities at your new property. Simply tell us what you want connected…

Along with this, it’s a good idea to arrange for any bills to be in your name. You might also think about setting up automatic payments for the rent and bills, to simplify things even further.


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