Buying during COVID-19 alert levels 1 and 2

Got questions about your move? We all have a lot of questions regarding what it is we can and cannot do during the varying alert levels in response to COVID-19.

  • 1 September, 2020

You should understand what guidelines there are for buying property in alert level 1 and in alert level 2 so you can confidently strike out, knowing we are keeping yourself and others safe.

Because even though most everything else has been put on hold for 2020, the property market is still steaming ahead. Whether it is a lifestyle property you’re after, a simple change of scenery or even if you’re one of the many expats returning to our shores, homes all across the country are still selling like hotcakes.

Auckland is in a unique situation at Alert Level 2.5 as of August 30th 2020, with additional restrictions in place than what is present throughout the rest of the country. Starting from this level, currently the highest in the country, we will outline the general do’s and don’ts that are in place. Alert level 2 includes the guidelines that are in place for Alert Level 1. Similarly, Alert Level 2.5 also includes the restrictions found in Alert Level 2 and 1.



Specifically, there is a limit to the number of people gathering at any given time during Alert Level 2.5, currently in place in Auckland.

Auctions: Up to 10 people can attend an auction in total in groups of no more than 10. Social distancing contact tracing using a unique QR code or by manual check ins and the availability of sanitisation measures do apply.

Open homes/rental viewings:  No more than 10 people total can attend a viewing at any given time. Social distancing and contact tracing using a unique QR code or by manual check ins and the availability of sanitisation measures do apply.


COVID-19 is in the community, but the disease is contained. There is a risk of community transmission.

Limit on the number of people gathering: During the standard Alert Level 2, gatherings of no more than 100 people are allowed. In instances where people may gather, regardless of the number of people present under 100, such as at an auction or an open home, then social distancing, contact tracing using a unique QR code or by manual check ins and the availability of sanitisation measures do apply.

Building inspections: These can occur before a property is being sold at auction. This alleviates the need for a condition to be placed on the sale of an inspection being carried out. Physical distancing and contract tracing need to be adhered to as does the approval of a tenant should the property be tenanted.

Moving between regions: An exemption from the Ministry of Health to move between regions is no longer needed. 

Moving Day: Where businesses are used to help with the shift, they will provide a QR code or expect their clients to manually check in in order to adequately contact trace. Physical distancing of 2 metres should be adhered to.


Following the return to Alert Level 1, we can resume normal business activities whilst remaining vigilant in case COVID-19 reappears in the community.

If you are unwell: Stay at home.

Practice good hygiene: This includes hand washing with soap for 20 seconds or more and having sanitiser available.

Contact tracing: Keep track of where you have been. By downloading the app and scanning the available QR code when entering a business, you can ensure that you can quickly be identified and contacted should there be an instance of COVID-19 in the area at the same time you were there.


Do I need to wear a face mask?

In level 2 and above, it is strongly recommended that in public places, face masks be worn. Therefore, during auctions and open homes or any other situation where you may be in close proximity to others, it is advisable to recommend and encourage the use of a face mask.

Is LJ Hooker open for business?

In Alert Levels 2.5 down to 1, all LJ Hooker businesses are physically open and can be called upon during working hours. Even in higher alert levels, your friendly team can be contacted online or by the phone so that we can answer any questions and keep the ball rolling with buying your home.

After initial and expected teething problems as we all find our place within each Alert Level, we are ecstatic at the response and support of the Ministry of Health in ensuring that business can continue to move forward as smoothly as possible.


Buying a home remains relatively unchanged in these lower alert levels, with 3 and higher enforcing stricter and more limiting restrictions that can cause delays.

You can find more information about the different alert levels here on the official NZ COVID-19 website.

For specific WorkSafe and Ministry of Health guidelines of operation in regards to the buying, selling and management of property, including information on the before, during and after processes that should take place, click here.  

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