Don’t rule out staging when selling your property

Selling an empty home can be tough. Some buyers struggle to conjure up the imagination to visualise how an empty room can be easily turned into a warm, inviting home.

  • 13 August, 2021

The best agent can create an imaginative picture of how chairs can lounge around a room, rugs can make the carpet pop, paintings can brighten the wall with added colour and with the addition of pot plants, additional life is injected into the atmosphere. But instead of leaving it to the imagination, staging makes those thoughts a reality.


Staging is intended to showcase a home’s best assets to impress buyers to draw more interest, which gets the best price for the sellers. It tailors the property to enable it to appeal to particular segments of buyers to market its full potential.


You do not need to stage every area of your property, but the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and outdoor living spaces are where people visualise living, so having furniture to help them makes the world of difference.


Specialists will pick out furniture that not only fits the space you have, but adds flair and style to the property, setting the bar high for what this home could look like for the new owners.


Although there is no quantitative research in New Zealand about whether staging has an impact on the final price, those who stage their homes tend to feel the process has added value to their sale journey.


To create the dream, it can cost upwards of $1500 to $5000 plus the rented furniture and finishes. It is important to vet your stager and shop around to see what your options are before committing.


Virtual Staging


Sometimes physical staging is out of reach, which is why virtual staging could be an option to spruce up those photos.


Digital tools to sell, buy or rent a home have become the norm, and it contributes to a better experience. We see it all the time with twilight skies added to photos, clear views out windows and clutter removed from rooms.


More than 90 percent of property journeys start online, and that is where quality pictures capture an audience to stand out from the competition.


Just like with physical staging, the virtual kind helps show potential buyers the potential that can be found in an empty space. Whether it is regular photos or 360 degree virtual tours, staging can add value to both experiences.


While traditional staging runs into the thousands, virtual only costs a fraction of the price, and can even cost less than $100 per image. That gives you the option to stage your home in more than one style to make it appealing for different audiences. Take a small bedroom, this could be presented as a nursery or a roomy office.


The turnout time is swift when you pick the digital option and depending on your supplier, they can have the staged images completed in less than 48 hours.

LJ Hooker NZ

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