Enjoying life as a renter

Renting is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for many New Zealander's. It’s an arrangement between yourself, your property manager and your landlord, so be aware of your obligations to make sure the ‘tenant life is the good life’. Below are some tips to help this happen:

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  • 31 August, 2017
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  • Read the conditions of your tenancy agreement and ask your property manager any questions you need to clarify.
  • Pay the rent on time; work out the easiest way you can do this to avoid inadvertent delays.
  • Promptly report any accidental damage and submit all maintenance requests in writing. Never try to fix things yourself unless you are explicitly instructed to do so in writing by the property manager or landlord.
  • Speak to your property manager and get your landlord’s permission in writing before making any permanent changes to the home, including painting or banging in nails for any wall hangings.
  • Keep the home clean and look after the property inside and outside.
  • Expect regular inspections by your property manager to ensure everything is up to scratch
  • Being a good tenant is also about being a considerate neighbour. Noise is one of the most common causes of complaints so keep any music you play to a reasonable volume.
  • When you decide to vacate the premises give the appropriate notice in writing, clean thoroughly and ensure all utility bills are taken care of.


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