Holiday preparations

Many people have now organised their end of year holidays and while the excitement of barbecues, days at the beach and sinking into a good book has people tearing pages off the calendar in anticipation, there are some housekeeping matters to take care of before the car is packed - especially for property investors.

Kitchen cupboard repairs
  • 31 October, 2018

1. Repairs and maintenance

Many tenants will be enjoying a well-earned break over the holiday season as well, which means they’ll have time up their sleeve to get around to reporting issues with their property.

“The holiday season is commonly a time when tenants decide to raise issues about repairs,” LJ Hooker’s Head of Property Management, Amy Sanderson. “Some tenants prefer to be at home, rather than work when tradespeople visit, which is why the end of the year is a popular time for reporting issues.”

“It can be difficult sourcing tradespeople over the Christmas break, but your LJ Hooker property manager has a strong understanding of who is available and reputable over the holiday period.”

Ms Sanderson said: “It’s always a good idea to address small damages and maintenance tasks before they become a big problem.  The holiday period can be a convenient time to catch up on all the needed work.

2. Provide contacts

If you’re going away for an extended period, it’s best to let your property manager know how to contact you, especially in the case of emergency repairs.  “If you’re lucky enough to be holidaying abroad, in another time zone, let the property manager know so they only contact you in emergency situations,” said Ms Sanderson.  An alternative is to provide the contract details of an agreed family member or friend who is staying at home who can liaise with your property manager, if necessary.

3. Vacancy

Many tenants give notice to vacate over the holiday period, coinciding with starting new jobs and the new school year. If your property is vacant over the holidays, review other properties that are on the market comparable to your own.  Talk to your LJ Hooker property manager to understand how you can best showcase your investment property, considering rental price, presentation and marketing tactics.

4. How is your property performing?

Have market conditions in your area changed over the last 12 months?  Your property manager is best placed to provide you with the market knowledge to make informed decisions, future-proofing your property for 2019. Touch base with them today to ensure 2019 is a rewarding year for your investment portfolio.

5. Season's greetings

New Zealand is a multicultural country where many people celebrate the holiday season, while many do not.  In any respect, an end of year card or message with well wishes can resonate with your tenant possibly encourage them to renew their lease.  This is an easy way of endearing yourself to your tenant.

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