How to attract the best applicants

Spending time and money creating a property that attracts the right tenants is one of the best investments a landlord can make.

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  • 26 May, 2017
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It is obvious that if your property is attractive to tenants it will make your life easier: the quality of tenants you attract will be better, it will alleviate stress, financial and time pressures and most importantly make your investment work harder for you.

Choosing the most attractive property

Some things can be added to any home – appliances, new paint or flooring – but there are many desirable factors that can’t be changed.

That’s why it’s important when buying an investment property that you consider every aspect of potential properties from a tenant’s perspective.

The first and most obvious consideration is location. Being close to transport and retail centres, schools, parks, universities etc will increase your rental value, as will a nice view.

A major concern for many tenants, especially in the cities, is parking.  Nowadays tenants expect double car accommodation. At the very minimum, make sure you look for a place that has off street parking for at least one car.

Added features

In many cases, extra features enable you to charge a higher rent and have the added bonus of reducing the amount of time your property is left vacant.

Every week a property is sitting vacant – and this can occur even in periods of low vacancy rates - is almost two per cent of your yearly income that you won’t get back.

It is important to make sure your property is at the top of its game. In a market where there might be 10 or 20 other similar properties available, it is not just about getting top dollar but also leasing your property faster than others.

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