How much rent can I get for my investment property?

The New Year may bring new tenants, or the end of a lease, for landlords.

How much rent can I get?
  • 26 January, 2016
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As a landlord, you may be contemplating a review of the amount of rent you charge for your investment.

Your property manager will help you find out how much rent comparative properties in your area are commanding. They can also advise you of your suburb’s vacancy rate: increasing your rent may turn off existing or prospective tenants who could find a similar property at a cheaper rate.

You should also consider whether you want tenants to pay for upkeep such as lawn mowing or pool maintenance as part of the tenancy agreement – this will be a factor for tenants in setting their own budget.

And before advertising your property, ensure it is well presented – change the washers on dripping taps, clear weeds and clean gutters.

Your LJ Hooker property manager is the best placed real estate expert to help you maximise the potential of your investment. For any queries, contact them today.

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