The ins-and outs of house and land packages

A house and land package will take care of everything for the buyer. There is no need to deal with individual architects, builders or contractors. The developer takes care of everything from the get go.

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  • 24 March, 2016
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But while the property developer will take most of the stress off your hands, you’ll still have a degree of choice on the finished product.

From colour schemes, to bench tops, floor coverings and landscaping, most packages offer buyers the ability to mix and match options.  Different options also come at different prices.

Knowing the risks

The advantage of a package is it will usually come with all costs ‘fixed’ into the price, which can reduce the danger of any blowout expenses and the risk of falling too deep into debt.

But while a package may offer a ‘fixed price’, its crucial buyers know exactly what is included.  If the price doesn’t actually include all costs, there could be a string of expenses you could face later.

In particular, find out if the site work costs are included – costs associated with preparing the block, such as removal of trees, levelling and compacting the site, connecting utilities and retaining walls.  If they’re not included it’s important to factor these costs into the budget.

External features such as fences and driveways and even blinds are not always included either.

Also make sure you know what terms and conditions apply and whether, there are any warranties or structural guarantees in place.  It’s also crucial to have building and contents insurance as soon as the land is settled.  This will protect you against any adverse event, which is not the fault of the builder.

Making the move

Visit display villages or display homes and sales centres to make your decision.  The more companies you speak to and the more homes you see, the better versed you’ll be to make a wise decision.

Before committing to any purchases it’s crucial you do your due diligence on both the property developer and the location.  Investigate the area, ensure you you’ll be close to quality amenities and transport, and find out if you’ll be surrounded by ongoing construction.

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