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Property repairs and maintenance
  • 1 October, 2018
  • Property Mangement, Landlords, Investors

LJ Hooker consulted its property managers to find out some of the recurring questions they field in their day to day activities, below:

Who is responsible for carrying out property repairs?

Owners should arrange for repairs to be carried out by a qualified, licensed tradesperson. When your property is managed by an LJ Hooker property manager, they can help you find someone in the area to carry out minor repairs - this is often a more affordable option than finding someone on your own.

While it is uncommon for tenants to request small repairs, such as replacing a lightbulb, you will want to ensure other repairs - such as replacing tap washers - are carried out as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the property.

What happens if a tenant requests maintenance, but is never home?

In this circumstance, owners - through their property manager - may wish to email the tenant explaining the situation and giving clear notice of a new date and time for the repairs to be carried out.

An LJ Hooker property manager can organise for the office key to be given to a tradesperson to undertake the repairs if it is difficult for the tenant to be home at certain times.

Enlisting the service of a professional property manager that liaises frequently with tradespeople - such as LJ Hooker - can help you, as there is often a reduced charge for a call-out if work cannot be completed.

Neighbours are complaining about the noise my tenants make. What should I do?

If you have received written advice from the body corporate managers of the building about the noise your tenants are making, this is a good opportunity to contact your tenant and let them know about their neighbours’ concerns.

An LJ Hooker property manager can have a discussion with the tenants with the intention to change their behaviour to avoid more complaints from neighbours. This discussion can be confirmed in written form, advising them that further complaints could result in a breach of their tenancy agreement.

What if the cost of repairs to the property are higher than the bond?

If your vacating tenants have left your property needing repairs that cost more than the bond, you will need to apply for an order to recover the necessary amount needed to carry out the repairs.

Owners should ensure they have proof of the damages, as well as any relevant correspondence or conversations with the tenants.

Depending on your property and the type of damage that has occurred, you may be able to make a claim on your landlord protection insurance policy either before or after a tribunal hearing.

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