Looking through the eyes of a tenant

Tenants seek out the same features in properties as buyers do: visually enticing, well-maintained, functional, close to amenities, transport and schools.

Rental property selection
  • 27 October, 2016
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Tenants have discerning tastes and simply won’t be drawn to a rental property because of the amount of rent being asked.

Try to imagine what sort of tenant your property will attract. For example, if it’s a small home ideal for a young couple with kids ensure there are no sharp edges or unsafe features.

Perhaps it’s a ground level villa ideal for a retiree? In that case, make sure you have a low maintenance garden, tap handles that even arthritic hands can use and a non-slip shower floor.

If it’s a place with a garden, then always aim for street appeal. A tidy garden, cut lawn and easy care flower beds add visual interest yet doesn’t require lots of time to maintain.

Some jobs can be done yourself and cost very little in time, money and effort compared with the return. This includes bathroom and kitchen grouting, de-moulding the shower recess and cleaning the oven.

Fresh paint and - if the budget allows – new carpet or freshly polished floorboards as well as new curtains or blinds will really make a property shine. A well maintained and clean property often attracts better tenants who are more likely to look after your property.

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