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You no doubt know how important a building or specialist inspection is for someone who is buying a property, but are you aware of how important they are for sellers too?
We all know the importance of good kerb appeal. It draws people in off the street and can make your home a bright start in your neighbourhood. But what about when you live in a flashy area, or are struggling to get traction during the sales process, even with what you think is kerb appeal maxed out to the limit?
98% of our agents say that styling can make a big difference when you are selling. It can help to add value, attract more buyers and help your property sell faster. So, if you are selling, this is a critical step to make the most out of what you’ve got.
Spring is an excellent time to sell your property for a variety of reasons. As the seller, you’ll want to prepare your home in the right way, as this gives you the best chance of attracting great buyers, achieving a higher sales price, and, ultimately, locking in a successful sale.
We are often asked by our investors whether they should lease their property out furnished or unfurnished. There is no right or wrong answer..... it comes down to who are your target tenants, how you want to use the property, the location and the current demand for properties in your area.
Great photos are a vital element of a successful sales campaign. Most people’s first impression of your property will not be up close and personal, it’ll be through the photographs presented in the online listing.
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The end of the year often marks the end of rental leases, and finding new tenants can be a time-consuming and costly exercise for landlords and property managers. That is why it is important to understand not only the reasons why tenants move, but the small things that landlords can do in an effort to make renewing a rental lease a no brainer.
LJ Hooker care about more than just property; they’re passionate about people too – which is why getting involved in their communities is so important to them. They work closely with local neighbourhoods to bring about real change – whether it’s a local sports team or support for charities like the Cancer Society.
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An investment property can be a huge asset. Naturally, landlords want high-quality tenants to make the venture as profitable and stress free as possible. However, attracting the right tenants isn’t just about knowing what makes a good tenant.
MAKING YOUR RENTAL A HEALTHY HOME BLOG – JUNE 2019 Lifestyle Finance Credit: Karen Jackson


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