One week to moving day checklist

With only one week until you move out of your home, you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions…from stress and excitement through to impatience for the day to arrive. You’re probably running on little don’t pack the coffee machine away quite yet.

  • 10 October, 2019
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Here are some last minute jobs to help make the move smooth plus our all important moving Day survival Kit. 

Confirm with your movers 

Whether you have friends and family helping or are using a professional moving company, or both..... make sure you check in to reconfirm the time and date of the move. 

Last minute logistics

  •  Head to the post office and arrange for your mail to be redirected 
  •  Cancel or rearrange any regular domestic services such as gardeners or cleaners
  •  Organise for your new property to be cleaned
  •  Check that all repairs and alterations to your new and old home will be finished by moving day, such as painting, carpets laid etc. 
  •  If you're in an apartment put notices up advising them of your move date and apologise for any disruptions you may cause
  •  Some apartments require the inside of the lifts to be covered when moving in and out, so check with your body corporate. 
  •  Cancel or redirect subsceriptions such as newspapers delivery 
  •  Take memory card out of camera and keep it safe
  •  Back up your computer 
  •  Pack your moving day survival kit (see below)

If you have the energy......

Hold a 'house cooling' party to say goodbye to the neighbours..... plus it's a great way to finish off any food in the pantry and freezer. 

Moving day survival kit 

Moving day is always busy and tiring, so avoid ripping open boxes to find items you need by packing a moving day survival kit. 


Moving often requires lots of paper work and you don't want to spend precious time hunting through boxes looking for your moving contract or other home owner paperwork. Keep all these documents in your survival kit so they are easily accessible. 

Change of clothes 

Depending on how many boxes and suitcases you have and how well labelled, finding your clothes during moving day madness may not be possible. Make sure you include at least one change of clothes for each member of your family, if not two.


For peace of mind, keep all yout valuables with you when you move, whether it is jewellery, camera memory card, important documents. or something sentimental, you'll feel better knowing its safe. 

Toilet paper 

If nothing else, make sure you haved toilet paper on hand for moving day

Basic toiletries 

  • Toothbrushes 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Tissues 
  • Dedorant 
  • Shampoo
  • Body soap and face wash 
  •  1-2 Towels 


  • Put together a small toolkit containing a utility knife, scissors, screwdriver, phillps head screwdriver and hammer. 

Cleaning supplies 

Not matter how clean your new property is when you move in, you'll want to clean it again.... to make it yours. Make sure you have: 

  • Paper towels 
  • Kleenex wipes
  • All surface cleaning/sanisting spray 
  • Floor cleaning liquid 
  • Vaccum cleaner 
  • Window cleaner
  • Loads of cleaning rags and sponges 
  • Toilet brush 

Eating essentials 

  • Plenty of water and snacks 
  • Pre-pack some bottled water if the water isn't turned on in your new property 
  • A few plates, forks, spoons and one or two cups 
  • Take some breakfast basics....eggs,cereal,milk and bread 
  • Don't forget tea, cofee and, of course, the kettle 

Electronic chargers 

  • After a day of moving your mobile phone and other important devices may need a recharge. Make sure you keep the charges close by. 

Bedtime supplies 

  • Have you set of sheets, pillows and blankets for each bed in abix that is clearly labelled so you can find it. 
  • Don't forget the PJ's 
  • If you have kids don't forget the favourite sleep toy or cuddly 

Kids toys and games 

Kids get pretty bored, pretty quickly on moving day, so pack their favourite board game and movie or have the phone fully charged so they can watch something.... and make sure you keep their favourite toy or cuddly close by. 

Medical kit 

  • First aid kit 
  • Any prescription medications 

Day of the move 

Say goodbye to your old home

Take time to say goodbye to your old home before things get to busy. Children in particular need closure. Walk through the property and recall fun memories and talk about all the fun you'll have in your new home. 

Work with your movers 

Help your movers by identifying fragile or large items right away. Be there when the movers load items into the truck. You'll be signing off to confirm everything is loaded so you need to be sure. 

Clean the old property 

Tidy up rooms as the movers empty them, or hire a cleaner  to come in after you have left. 

Final Check 

Before the movers drive off, do one last check through the gome to make sure you haven't missed anything. 



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