Perfect property presentation is the key to selling

Don’t overlook the possibility of styling your property for sale in the active property market.

  • 1 May, 2015
  • Selling

You may think that styling or presenting your property for sale is a waste of time and money, but we would disagree.

We have seen many beautifully presented properties sell in a quicker time frame, with more buyer interest and most importantly achieving a higher sales figure.

Properties that aren’t presented as smartly to the buyer market generally will stay on the market for longer and not generate the strong competition from buyers you need.

You can either hire a professional to present your property or do it yourself. Don’t forget to ask us to give you some pointers on what buyers will expect in terms of presentation to ensure you don’t over capitalise on what you choose to do.

First impressions count so make sure that the front view of your house makes an impact. Some quick and inexpensive improvements to consider include planting some colourful plants at the entrance, painting your front door and fence, and buying a new front door mat.

The kitchen is an important consideration for improvements in order to increase the value of your property. Simple changes to a kitchen that can make your property more appealing to buyers include a fresh coat of paint in a light and neutral colour, new door knobs on kitchen cabinets, and clutter free bench tops that make your kitchen look bigger and more functional.

Natural light is another crucial element to getting the sale you want. If your house is yearning for some natural light then consider repainting in a neutral colour scheme, remove any unnecessary window furnishings or replace existing window furnishings with simple alternatives.

Cluttered, heavily furnished and dusty houses tend to look darker so make sure you have a thorough spring clean before you list your property for sale.

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