Proactive property maintenance

Whilst insurance is critical so too is ensuring your property is maintained to the best standard possible.

Property checklist
  • 5 April, 2018
  • Landlords, Tenants, Property Maintenance

Use a documented checklist to inspect the premises and fix any problems before new tenants move in.

Encourage your tenants to immediately report if they have any security or safety concerns with regards to your property or the common areas such as entrance ways, garages, fire stairs etc

Ensure you keep a written log of all tenant complaints and repair requests and detail how and when the issues were fixed.

Make sure you fix any urgent repairs as soon as possible and if they are safety issues address these within 24 hours. Keep your tenants informed as to how and when the repairs will be made

Provide your tenants with a checklist to report any potential safety hazards or maintenance issues that may have not been addressed. Make sure you use this checklist when you personally inspect the property.

Ensure your repair and maintenance procedures are clearly set out in the lease or rental agreement.

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