The rise of apartments

…Is good news for property investors! Apartments have been popular options for property investors.

  • 1 April, 2015
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In most cases, apartments are obviously more affordable, and are in demand because of their general proximity to lifestyle amenities.

To make sure you get the right apartment and one that is within your financial reach – make sure you consult a real estate expert and also do your sums with a loan specialist.

Below are a few rules you should consider when searching for an apartment that will maximise your rental returns and capital gain.


Like any property investment, location is the key.  Buy something that is close to shops, transport and entertainment.


A view is also attractive to potential tenants, whether it is water, a park or even a district.  A balcony to enjoy it from will also add to your rental return.

Always take into consideration the aspect of any apartment.  A northerly aspect is desirable because it will deliver the most natural light.


In regard to the actual apartment, the less shared walls the better.  Top floor is good because there is no-one above you, but bottom floor apartments are also good because they often come with a garden.


A good measuring stick when assessing an apartment is the overall state of the block.  Are the gardens neat and tidy?  Are hallway lights working?  Is the elevator or stairwell in good condition?

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