Should you apply a blanket ban on pets?

Some landlords refuse to entertain the thought of having pets on their investment property. Perhaps the landlord doesn’t want the risk of damage to their property or they may simply not be animal lovers.

Tenants with pets
  • 27 June, 2018
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Just as the landlord has the final say on who their tenant(s) will be, they also have the prerogative to accept pets to be housed – inside or out.

But ruling out pets entirely can restrict the pool of tenants to choose from. Indeed, it could rule out securing a very reliable tenant that pays their rent on time and maintains the property in an excellent condition.

Property managers believe owners will be much more receptive to having pets at their investment property if they knew more about the ‘furry friend’ and its history.

Amy Sanderson, Head of Property Management at LJ Hooker said: “Landlords rightfully want to know about the tenants’ history, so it’s up to the tenants to provide the same sort of information about their pets if they are serious about having them.  It’s a great idea to prepare a pet resume, and it’s exactly what the name suggests.

“A well-prepared pet resume would include a suite of information including its registration, record of vaccinations, veterinary reports and testimonials from previous property managers about the behaviour of the animal.

“A reference from a previous property manager will enable the landlord to know if the dog digs up backyards, the cat has damaged carpet, or if the pet has left any visual or odour impacts on the property upon vacating.

“There is no reason why pet owners can’t be responsible tenants, making sure the property is maintained as though it’s their own.”

Ms Sanderson said rentals listed as ‘pet-friendly’ often attracted more online visits than properties which do not accept pets.

“There is always the potential for a ‘pet friendly’ property to command a premium rental return as there are less properties advertised in this manner, therefore more competition from tenants.  Landlords shouldn’t ordinarily rule this option out when seeking new tenants.”

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