Smoke alarms in rental properties

Sometimes there are conversations that can be difficult and its human nature to try and avoid them but in doing so you may be creating more damage. An item that needs to be discussed within a rental home - Smoke alarms!

Smoking alarm
  • 1 September, 2015
  • Rental, Landlord, Tenant

This is why LJ Hooker have partnered with Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS). SATS undertake services to ensure that your properties smoke alarms are installed and maintained to Building Code and Compliance of New Zealand. What they do:

  • Survey the property to ensure all smoke alarms are the correct type, quantity and they are positioned correctly
  • Clean, test and maintain the smoke alarms as per manufacturers specifications with specialised smoke alarm wipes
  • Replace all batteries (where replaceable)
  • Keep all details of the property including smoke alarm quantity, make, model, expiry date, decibel reading and positioning, and verify the alarms meet current NZ standards
  • Issue a certificate of compliance within 24hours of completion

As an LJ Hooker landlord you should have recently received an information pack and authorisation forms from SATS with a special group offer. We encourage you to have the conversation with SATS and consider working with them to ensure everything is up to the new standard. If you don’t use a qualified professional and something goes wrong at the property, you could be exposed to unnecessary risk and litigation.

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