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As a renter you have to be very mindful of what you can and can’t do to your property. You’ll need to obtain the landlord’s permission to make changes so you don’t incur any damage or jeopardise your bond.
No matter what you want to achieve in 2018, you can’t do it without a place to call home. Somewhere to rest, re-energise, enjoy your hobbies, and be comfortable. So, this year, why not consider what it is that would make your ‘dream house’ and work towards grabbing it with both hands.
Dream home
TPS (Tenancy Practice Service) recommend landlords ensure their rental properties are well heated and ventilated. Warm and healthy rental properties help tenants avoid illnesses and make them more likely to stay longer.
Warm dry home
First Home Buyers found their way back into the market throughout 2015 as lending conditions remained favourable and regulatory changes targeted property investors, both local and foreign.
House shopping first home buyer

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