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As a property investor, you usually have two main focuses with your investment:
Pinpointing the right time to buy an investment property takes thorough research.
Booming Boutiques
Buying off the Plan
A long-run capital gain of 4.4% per year is required to justify the average New Zealand house as an investment at the moment, Westpac’s economists say.
One big question landlords ask when they’re looking to sell their rental properties is whether they should take the property to the market tenanted or uninhabited.
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Helen O'Sullivan, REINZ chief executive, said more buyers and sellers would move in the next few months, because volumes had slumped just before the election. Spring would just push the market further.
It’s quite obvious many kiwi investors over time have done very well out of investing in residential real estate.
Yield is a standard measure of a property's income earning potential. It's the rent a property could provide over a year, expressed as a percentage of its purchase price.


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