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A proven way to property investing success, is to set yourself some clear and measurable goals.
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Buying an investment property is an aspiration of many. When it is done well it can set you up for a comfortable retirement, help fund school fees, holidays and much more.
Property Investment
New Zealand rents continue to stagnate but they could be set to rise under the new government, according to Trade Me Property.
Rental prices spike
Are you looking to take advantage of the current market conditions and expand your investment portfolio? If so, here are four essential questions to ask real estate agents at open inspections.
Ask effective questions
Spending time and money creating a property that attracts the right tenants is one of the best investments a landlord can make.
Tenants receiving keys to property
Have you ever been given this advice, ‘Hold on to the first property you buy’; or been told that ‘The smartest property investor is the investor that never sells’?
Property Investment
Many investors look for property to offset their income tax, to have a long term asset, they like dabbling in real estate or they want to secure their child’s financial future.
Investing in property
Retirement planning. They're words that are often associated with mixed emotions. It’s meant to be a time of winding down and having the chance to enjoy the remainder of your life, but quite often the lead up can cause a lot of stress.
Tips on retirement planning using property investment

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