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For property investors, putting up their home for rent is a good way to secure another stream of income. The problem is, most new landlords fail to understand the complexities of renting out a property and often overcharge or undercharge tenants leading to more complicated issues down the line.
rental appraisal
Find out the key roles and benefits of using an LJ Hooker property manager.
Professional Property Manager
In addition to providing professional advice on how the market is performing, managing repairs and maintenance and collecting rental payments, your property manager also provides expert guidance in tenant selection.
New Tenants
A Property Investment Manager forms a vital link between you and your landlord and can be a great source of information throughout your tenancy.
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Here is a helpful list of questions to ask a professional property manager before engaging their services.
Property Manager
LJ Hooker’s experienced property managers are proud to partner with their landlords to provide a reliable income stream, advice for potential capital growth, and protection of their asset.
Professional property manager
What does an ideal tenant look like to you? Is it someone who pays their rent on time, maintains the property and is respectful of their neighbours?
Tenant Tick
There are several legal scenarios that can arise from property management. However, LJ Hooker property managers are trained in making you and your tenants aware of the legal obligations of each party from the outset, minimising the chance of a legal issue in the future.
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