Tips for Landlords

Here are a couple of helpful tips for landlords in relation to lost access and swipe cards and the use of candles in tenanted properties.

Access keys and swipe cards
  • 25 October, 2017
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Access Cards and Keys

Keys refers to keys, pass cards, swipe cards, remote controlled door/garage door openers, security devices, and anything else of the like.

We hear often of tenants losing these and being unable to return them at the end of a tenancy.

At LJ Hooker we have a clause that covers this eventuality to keep you covered as a landlord in this instance.


According to the NZ Fire Service Commission Research Report unattended burning candles cause 10% of all house fires.

Did you know that as a landlord you can put a covenant in a tenancy agreement that prohibits tenants from using candles at all?

Talk to your friendly LJ Hooker property manager for more information.

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