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Noisy neighbours
  • 26 November, 2015
  • Tenant

For example, many people sign a one-year fixed term tenancy to live in what they think is an ideal new place to call home.  Before long, however, they discover the neighbours are far from perfect. 

Overflowing bins with rubbish and odours blowing into your property, late night parties and the clinking or smashing of glasses and bottles into the early hours of the morning.

So what do you do?  If you opt to move out early, there are implications and you are hit with the daunting task of house hunting and saving up again.  It’s far better for your stress levels and wallet to resolve the situation with your new neighbours as best you can.

Firstly, approach in a friendly, non-threatening manner and make them aware of your concerns.  If they are reasonable people, they should modify their behaviour.

If after you have spoken to them the disruptions continue, go and see them again.

If after two visits you are still not getting anywhere, send them a letter and keep a copy for your records.  Written evidence will come in useful if the unruly behaviour continues and you have to take further action.

When the loud, late night parties don’t stop it is unfortunately time to call noise control and/or the police.  As much as you may not want to involve them, it shows you are serious about resolving the situation and a formal record of your complaints will be made.

LJ Hooker NZ

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