Water tanks

What are the landlords and tenants obligations? Let us explain.

Water tank
  • 1 March, 2018
  • Tenants, Landlords, Water Tanks

Despite recent rain, it’s no secret that New Zealand is experiencing one of the driest summers since records began.

This, of course, makes water a precious resource, especially in places where communities rely on water tanks.

The landlord agrees to provide the tank reasonably full at the commencement of the tenancy.

The tenant agrees to purchase at the tenants cost, refills of water thereafter.

The Landlord further agrees to provide some safe and reliable method of measuring the quantity of water remaining in the tank at any time.

The tenant for their part, agrees to check the water level by using the measuring device and to do so on a regular basis, to ensure an adequate supply of potable water is available and that the water tank does not run dry and damage the water pump.

LJ Hooker NZ

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