What do New Zealanders think about real estate agents?

The release of the CoreLogic 2018 Perceptions of Real Estate Agents New Zealand Report has revealed some fascinating findings.

  • 1 October, 2018
  • CoreLogic, Real Estate Agents

Overwhelmingly, agents are rated as excellent practitioners of the practicalities of their craft. The majority of vendors (64%) had a positive experience with their agent, giving high scores for how they present properties, their marketing materials and their sales patter. The vendor survey data identified six clear behaviours for delivering to expectations of service excellence and eight behaviours to avoid, with capacity to lift service delivery to the next level: 35% of New Zealand’s agents were rated as excelling at empathy, relationship building, communication, delivering on promises and listening. 

The report revealed the most common reasons for selling were upgrading (22.8%), and ‘family reasons’ (20.1%). 12.4% were investing and 11.9% were downsizing, and apparently a strong market isn’t necessarily enough to tempt people into selling: only 5.8% gave the reason of ‘making the most of strong prices in my area’. 10.5% were ‘moving for work’ and 16.6% gave ‘other’ as their reason for selling - with further analysis indicating divorce, retirement, getting away from the neighbours, Auckland traffic, moving away from earthquake prone areas or moving overseas.

This report gathered both quantitative and qualitative data about the quality of customer service offered by real estate agents from more than 900 survey participants. 


LJ Hooker NZ

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